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Students Demand End To Harsh School Punishments (VIDEO)

"Whose school? Our School!"

Jairon Nunez representing LSNA speaks in support of Bill SB3004 to reform school discipline by reducing harsh punishments and eliminating the school-to-prison pipeline.

Vitale demand for proof of community support is met by Ames Referendum success (Video)

Parents and Ames Community leaders testified at the CPS Board meeting on Wednesday 03/15/14 after Referendum success asking David Vitale to reconsider plans to convert Ames to Military School.  69% of Voters said YES to SaveAmes.

Lathrop Homes Redevelopment on Chicago Tonight (Video)

LSNA Preserve Lathrop resident leaders Miguel Suarez and Titus Kerby "believe the homes should be returned to the low-income residents who once filled the units."  

Mentor Program Benefits Students and Parents Alike (Video)

The Logan Square Parent Mentor Program shatters the notion that all low income parents are too busy to spend time at school or just don't care.

Englewood Renters Left Without Electricity, Gas Due To Foreclosure: 'We Were Left In The Dark' (VIDEO)

Seven members of the Shaw family, including a 14 month-old baby, have been living without gas or electricity for nearly a week, according to parents Shantisha and Ezekiel. Late last year the Shaw’s landlord was foreclosed upon and Freedom Mortgage Corp. took over the deed for the building. Progress Illinois talked to the Shaw family about their struggles and what may be next for the family affected by the ongoing foreclosure crisis in Chicago.

Reportan graves problemas administrativos en escuela de Logan Square (Video)

Kelvyn Park High School Sophomore and LSNA Youth Leader Katy Penaloza spoke with Univision TV about the KPHS community plan created by youth, parents and teachers.

Video - Mother from Ecuador risks her life for her undocumented daughter

Janeth Cordova and her mother Lillian Cordova talk about what it is like to be undocumented. Lillian risked her life to allow her daughter to live in the U.S.

Labor Beat: Ames School Community Says No Military!

Leticia Barrera and Tamera Gardner address a meeting of parents and community at Ames Middle School on November 1, 2012.

Town Hall Meeting re Elected School Board at Logan Square Auditorium - VIDEO

A conversation about moving from a mayor-appointed school board to an elected, representative board. Featuring: CTU President Karen Lewis; Chicago Reader journalist Ben Joravsky; UIC professor Pauline Lipman and Ames Middle School LSNA Parent Mentor Delia Bonilla (18:48-25:35). Moderated by Will Guzzardi, Logan Square community organizer. This event was organized by Communities Organized for Democracy in Education (CODE) and took place on October 23, 2012 at the Logan Square Auditorium.

This live telecast from Logan Square Auditorium was produced by Chicago Access Network TV.

LSNA on NBC Today Show Education Nation - Video Interviews

Video interviews with: Joanna Brown (Logan Square Neighborhood Association); Dr. Charles Payne (Professor, University of Chicago); Patricia Lopez (Former parent mentor, now a bi-lingual teacher); Leticia Barrera (Education Organizer, LSNA); Rosa Rivera; Edwin Rivera (Principal, Monroe Elementary School); Audrey Navarro.

LSNA Parent Engagement Program recognized on NBC TODAY Show Education Nation - Video

In 2011, 21% of school-age children were living in poverty.  

The Challenge: Parents who do not have the resources, or who do not speak English well enough, or who feel too intimidated to get involved in their children’s schools. We know that children stand a much better chance of success when their parents are involved – so how do we bridge that gap?