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News items related to school closings

Military Coup at Ames (Labor Beat Video)

The raids against public neighborhood schools in Chicago continue...beyond the 50 closings announced last spring. On December 18, 2013 Chicago Public Schools voted to convert Ames Middle School into a Marine military high school.

'You Haven’t Seen Disrespect Until You’ve Seen CPS Disrespect...' Lies, More Lies and No Grease at McAuliffe Elementary School Meeting

As a reporter, it had been hard listening to the presentations by the CPS representatives. They proclaimed that they were genuinely present to hear what the community had to say. Much of the audience did not buy it: why the disrespect, why no information, why haven’t people talked to us, why do people ignore our overwhelming rejection of transforming Ames? All they could say is “we have no answers.” The community had understood that this wasn’t genuine, it was a “dog and pony” show, designed to say that CPS had gotten community input, when the deal had already been done.

Ames parents continue fight against Marine Military Academy

Following a week of confusing signals from the alderman, the mayor, and CPs, 85 Ames supporters spent about three hours canvassing their neighborhood on Chicago's Northwest side.

Illinois General Assembly SB1571 Moratorium on CPS Closings

Amends the Chicago School District Article of the School Code. Provides that there shall be a moratorium on school closings, consolidations, and phase-outs in the school district in the 2013-2014 school year.

Logan Square Community Fights To Keep Neighborhood Schools Open At CPS Hearing (VIDEO)

"Before the meeting with CPS officials started, the Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA) hosted a rally at the nearby Logan Square Auditorium, at 2539 North Kedzie Blvd."  Kudos to youth leader Juan Carlos Fajardo from Ames for firing up the crowd!!

CPS parents make pre-emptive push to keep Logan Square school open

Brentano Elementary Math and Science Academy not yet slated for shutdown, but it meets CPS criteria for closing

LSNA in Springfield

On Tuesday, 11/27/12, LSNA leaders travelled to Springfield for the beginning of a six-day veto session to lobby for an end to school closings and the passage of Drivers Licenses for All.

Logan Square Neighborhood Assoc to Launch Council to Prevent Closed-Door Decisions at the Board of Ed

LSNA is establishing the LSSFC in response to a recent Board of Education decision to remove students from Ames. Parents, teachers, and community members are concerned that enrollment at Ames will drop and are suspicious that the Board of Ed made the decision to make way for a closing or co-location.

Community Groups Band Together Against School Closings

Community organizations from across the city gathered at Logan Square Neighborhood Association on Tuesday, November 21, 2011, to release the "Neighborhoods Agenda for Schools." In-depth article by Catalyst.