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News items related to parent engagement

Pilot program to train Seattle parents for larger role at school

Parents wishing for a larger role in their children’s schools may get the chance through a pilot program in Seattle that will train 20 volunteers as classroom aides.

Parent Mentor Program Graduates Record Number Of Classroom Tutors

Largest-ever graduating class in the history of the Parent Mentor Program.

Spotlight Series: Parent Mentor Program Overview (Video)

 Watch an overview of the NWSHC's Parent Mentor Program in Mary Lyon, Peter Reinberg, and Marvin Camras Chicago Public Elementary Schools.

Conference Emphasizes Need for Parent Engagement in Education

Both Seattle and Logan Square programs emphasize that parent and community engagement is essential in nurturing education.

Power of parents: Event hosted by Education Lab and Road Map fosters ideas on engagement

On February 6, LSNA organizers Joanna Brown and Tami Love were in Seattle to speak about Logan Square's nationally recognized parent mentor program as part of an event hosted by Education Lab and Road Map.  

XA big part of Logan Square’s success has come from the organization being able to break through language and cultural barriers that can make parents and teachers apprehensive about working together. 

A World of Parents at Open Communities

Here's an article from Open Communities about the new Parent Mentor Program in Skokie.  

LSNA/SWOP Parent Mentor Training expands to Skokie.

22 parents and 8 languages represented. Congratulations, Madison and Devonshire Schools!

Casa Guanajuato Parent Mentors

With money from the state, Casa Guanojuato in Moline is organizing the "Parent Mentor Program for Early Childhood Learning" based on an 18-year old program in Chicago.

Program aims to boost students' success

Nationally recognized LSNA Parent Mentor Program launched at two elementary schools in Moline and East Moline.

Casa Guanajuato Quad Cities seeks parent-mentors

LSNA was in the quad cities last week for a parent mentor training...

LSNA/SWOP Parent Engagement Institute Statewide Train-the-Trainers Kickoff

50 organizers from 15 organizations across Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana!

LSNA Parent Mentor Program Expanding

A BIG welcome to Detroit and Denver!

LSNA Parent Engagement Program recognized on NBC TODAY Show Education Nation - Video

In 2011, 21% of school-age children were living in poverty.  

The Challenge: Parents who do not have the resources, or who do not speak English well enough, or who feel too intimidated to get involved in their children’s schools. We know that children stand a much better chance of success when their parents are involved – so how do we bridge that gap?

Model Logan Square Program Wins Money to Keep Parents Tutoring

“We want to thank all these decision-makers for supporting this unique program that helps strengthen students, teachers, parents and community,” said Leticia Barrera, Education Organizer for the Logan Square Neighborhood Association. 

What Inspired Me to Study Parent and Community Engagement

Soo Hong, assistant professor in the Department of Education at Wellesley College discusses the origins of her interest in Parent and Community Engagement which led her to study the work of LSNA at Funston School in Chicago.

Community Groups Band Together Against School Closings

Community organizations from across the city gathered at Logan Square Neighborhood Association on Tuesday, November 21, 2011, to release the "Neighborhoods Agenda for Schools." In-depth article by Catalyst.

What Can Community Organizing Teach Us about Parent Engagement? Five Simple Ways to Rethink the Bake Sale.

Over the past several years, more and more evidence has emerged that effective parent engagement can positively affect school culture, working conditions, and student achievement.