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News items related to immigration

Volunteers needed at LSNA to help others become US citizens! Se Necesitan Voluntarios para Ayudar a otros con la Ciudadanía

You can make a difference!  Si se puede!

Sueños for 2014: A Dream Student Resource Update

A quick update about LSNA DACA services and the Illinois Dream Fund for College.

Immigrants welcome chance to apply for new state temporary driver's licenses

"[Laura Barrios] volunteers with the Logan Square Neighborhood Association's early childhood development program and has completed courses to become a certified nursing assistant."

More than 100 immigration protesters cited after blocking downtown traffic (Video)

LSNA was here with three people participating in Civil Disobedience and fifty leaders there to support.  Up-up with Education. Down-down with Deportation.

Camino de la Reforma - Univision TV Coverage of 11/06/13 Immigration demonstration at ICE. (Video)

Thank you to the many LSNA leaders who participated in this demonstration on behalf of the many people who have been deported.  Time for House Speaker Boehner to call a vote on immigration reform.

Hundreds Participate in Civil Disobedience to Pass Immigration Reform (Chicago SunTimes Video)

On Wednesday 11/6/13 LSNA and other commmunity based organizations participated in civil disobedience in front of ICE.  "Obama. Eschucha. Estamos en la lucha."

Undocumented worker ready to raise her head, get some attention: Brown

"The demonstration outside the Chicago office of U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement [on November 6th at 4pm] is part of a stepped-up campaign seeking Congressional action on comprehensive immigration reform and demanding a halt to the Obama Administration’s deportation efforts."

Young Immigrants, the ‘Dream 9,’ Test U.S. Policy

“Last year (immigration enforcement) went after my uncle and he was deported,” Mateo said before leaving for Mexico.

“What our family went through is what millions have gone through and it needs to stop. This administration needs to know we won’t wait for Congress to do the right thing.”

DACA Candidates who need GED - Information Meeting at Ames Middle School

Information meeting for Eligible DACA Candidates who have not met the GED requirement. 

Video - Mother from Ecuador risks her life for her undocumented daughter

Janeth Cordova and her mother Lillian Cordova talk about what it is like to be undocumented. Lillian risked her life to allow her daughter to live in the U.S.

Organizers and Legislators Band Together to Push for Driver’s License Reform at State Level

"Jennifer Velazquez, an organizer with Logan Square Neighborhood Association and student at Northeastern Illinois University, is one of the many youths that have lost a parent to ICE. Her father was detained by ICE when agents arrived at her family’s home in the early hours of Sept. 14 last year."

Chicago Mayor Creates Support Office for Immigrants

One model to follow, according to the mayor’s office, is the Logan Square Neighborhood Associations’ Parent-Mentor program, which operates in a mainly Puerto Rican area.

Rahm Emanuel Immigration Support: Chicago Mayor Opens 'Office of New Americans'

"Chicago's vitality has been built on the strength of immigrant populations that have come to enjoy new freedoms and access new opportunities."

Mayor Emanuel announces creation of Office of New Americans.

Will expand immigrant parent engagement throughout Chicago Public Schools by building on successful models such as the Logan Square Neighborhood Associations' Parent-Mentor Program.

Rahm Emanuel goal: "immigrant-friendly" Chicago

Office will help immigrants access city services and start new businesses; will pursue long-term goal of making Chicago the world's most immigrant-friendly city.