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News items related to Parent Mentors

Parent Mentor Program Graduates Record Number Of Classroom Tutors

Largest-ever graduating class in the history of the Parent Mentor Program.

Thank you Parent Mentors. 2014 Graduation Video.

Thank you parent mentors for a job well done.  Congratulations on your Graduation.  See you next year!!

Spotlight Series: Parent Mentor Program Overview (Video)

 Watch an overview of the NWSHC's Parent Mentor Program in Mary Lyon, Peter Reinberg, and Marvin Camras Chicago Public Elementary Schools.

Mentor Program Benefits Students and Parents Alike (Video)

The Logan Square Parent Mentor Program shatters the notion that all low income parents are too busy to spend time at school or just don't care.

ALERT: Keep Our Parent Engaged! Save Parent Mentor Program!

We need your help to support the 400 parents, 400 teachers and 10,000 students currently involved with the program!

Please contact your legislator here to save the Parent Mentor Program! 

A World of Parents at Open Communities

Here's an article from Open Communities about the new Parent Mentor Program in Skokie.  

LSNA Parent Engagement Program recognized on NBC TODAY Show Education Nation - Video

In 2011, 21% of school-age children were living in poverty.  

The Challenge: Parents who do not have the resources, or who do not speak English well enough, or who feel too intimidated to get involved in their children’s schools. We know that children stand a much better chance of success when their parents are involved – so how do we bridge that gap?

Model Logan Square Program Wins Money to Keep Parents Tutoring

“We want to thank all these decision-makers for supporting this unique program that helps strengthen students, teachers, parents and community,” said Leticia Barrera, Education Organizer for the Logan Square Neighborhood Association. 

The Ultimate Empowerment Program for Parents

Immigrant parents in Chicago set a precedent for other districts with at-risk children and hesitant administrators.

La Asociación del Vecindario de Logan Square Sale a la Calle para el Lanzamiento del Censo, 125 Padres de Logan Square gritan, "Sí se Puede, Sí Contamos!"
“No sabía que el Censo se usaba para mandar dinero a la comunidad,” dijo Moraima Dones. “Pero después de que lo aprendí, empecé a animar a la gente a llenar el formulario para que podamos tomar ventaja de esos recursos.”