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News items related to Nancy Aardema

Parent mentoring program highlighted... Antidote to Cynicism: Parent Mentoring Program Graduates 603 Parent Mentors for in-Classroom Student/Teacher Support

" have a Parent Mentor in their classroom is 33 cents per hour, less than $1.00 a day, while keeping administrative costs down: the administration of the statewide program is 5%, and local program administration costs about 4%."

Northeastern Enacts New Community Partnerships

On August 28, Northeastern and the Cambodian Association of Illinois held a ceremony to mark the beginning of a new partnership between the two institutions. On September 20, Northeastern held a similar ceremony and signing with the Logan Square Neighborood Association.

Avondale Neighborhood Gets New Education Campus

Sharon Hahs, president of Northeastern Illinois University, “We believe it is important to be a community partner, and we look forward to many other joint initiatives with the Logan Square Neighborhood Association in the future.” 

CPS tier system update changes chances of getting into selective school

Despite the tier changes in Logan Square, the regular schools in the neighborhood still have more than 95 percent low-income students, according to Nancy Aardema, executive director of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association.

“I can’t understand how you would look at a neighborhood with all these really low-income schools and say these students have to do better now because their parents are trying to make ends meet in a gentrifying neighborhood,” Aardema said. “Is that fair?”

Raising up teachers in your backyard

“We developed a vision of opening the doors of ‘fortress’ schools and helping them function as centers of community,” remembers Joanna Brown, LSNA’s lead education organizer. It began at Funston Elementary when an innovative principal OK’d an LSNA proposal to train some Spanish-speaking moms in tutoring skills ..."

The Ultimate Empowerment Program for Parents

Immigrant parents in Chicago set a precedent for other districts with at-risk children and hesitant administrators.

Chicago Community Group Breaks Down Home-School Barriers

Great piece by Education Week about LSNA's transformative Parent Mentor Program with quotes by Shirley Reyes (LSNA Mozart Parent Coordinator), Susanna Rojas (LSNA Board Member and teacher at Mozart) and Nancy Aardema (LSNA Executive Director).

Three communities begin to shape a vision for Promise Neighborhoods from Catalyst Notebook

Three Chicago neighborhoods – Woodlawn, Logan Square, and Chicago Lawn – are competing for a slice of one President Barack Obama’s more ambitious education-related initiatives: Replication of the Harlem Children’s Zone in 20 spots around the country.

A Celebration of Leadership: Honoring Nancy Aardema’s 20 years of service to LSNA

Join LSNA’s staff and friends of all stripes—from pastors to politicians, homemakers to health workers—as we join together to celebrate and reflect on two decades of inspiring service to the community from one of its pillars, Nancy Aardema. The evening will feature music, food, drinks, a silent auction, and, of course, fond reflections on Logan Square Neighborhood Association’s past, present, and future.