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Residents of Bucktown, Roscoe Village fume as CHA vote on redevelopment plan nears

“There are not enough words or ways to describe how much of an insult this is to the community,” said Lissette Castañeda, co-chair of the housing and land use committee for the Logan Square Neighborhood Association.

"Que Viva"

Lissette Castaneda, a housing leader at LSNA, recalled Zapata’s origins in the NCP planning process and singled out staff and volunteers who went the extra mile to get it done.

“We have worked hard,” Castaneda said, and must continue to work hard “for the next 61 families” who need affordable housing. In that struggle, she said “we can look back to this shining light, so we will never have to doubt our power—the power of justice—ever again.”

Activists Squaring Off Against Wal-Mart

CBS Chicago

North Side Wal-Mart Battles Simmer

Progress Illinois

LSNA apoya asuntos importantes en la asamblea de United Power
El 29 de octubre, más de 90 líderes de LSNA asistieron a la Asamblea de Acción de Otoño de la organización Poder Unido para Acción y Justicia. La propuesta de la reunión era discutir los temas de…