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CHA maneuvering on Lathrop Homes an unfortunate development

“It’s not the final step by any means,” Sahli (CHA Chief Housing Officer) said, adding that “there’s still lots of room for community discussion.”  But for those who have seen the CHA mow down its public housing stock without always making good on its promises, such assurances have an unsettling ring.

Protections for renters in bank-owned buildings now in effect - Press Release

Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance could protect 10,000 families during first year.

Advocates Balk At CHA's New Plan For Transformation Input Process

"It appears to be a pretty limited public input process," says John McDermott, housing and  land use director of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association.

New jobs don't really help displaced factory workers

On Tuesday, though, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that Coyote Logistics will be adding 400 jobs this year at its new location in the Green Exchange, 2565 W. Diversey, which will bring its total work force at the site to more than 1,000 employees.

At Lathrop Homes, CHA's talk of transformation brings worry

Residents fight to have their voices heard.

Lathrop Residents Pray for Preservation

“Are we really breaking up concentrations of poverty if we insist on sharply limiting the number of low- and moderate-income families that can access jobs, schools, and shopping in an economically thriving North Side community?” [John McDemott] asked.  “Or are we really reinforcing larger patterns of segregation and patterns of gentrification and displacement?”

Battle over proposed Walmart a flash point in Logan Square's future

Alderman has moved to block retailer from opening a 'neighborhood market.'

"[John McDermott] acknowledged the area could support "a new grocery store, maybe two," he said the families who have long called the neighborhood home aren't keen to see a Walmart store, either. The neighborhood association signed a letter supporting Moreno's position."

Debating the Future of Lathrop Homes

...the coalition wants “a commitment to preserve Lathrop as 100 percent affordable and public housing,” says John McDermott, an executive of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association; it also wants the development “kept on the human scale that Lathrop Homes was built on,” McDermott adds.