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News items related to Foreclosure

Protections for renters in bank-owned buildings now in effect - Press Release

Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance could protect 10,000 families during first year.

City Council Approves Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance, Parking Meter Changes

Daniel LaSpata with the Logan Square Neighborhood Association said the need for the Keep Chicago Renting measure is urgent.

In 2012, about 12,000 apartment units entered foreclosure in Chicago, he noted.  “That amounts to 33 apartment units every day,” LaSpata stressed.

Englewood Renters Left Without Electricity, Gas Due To Foreclosure: 'We Were Left In The Dark' (VIDEO)

Seven members of the Shaw family, including a 14 month-old baby, have been living without gas or electricity for nearly a week, according to parents Shantisha and Ezekiel. Late last year the Shaw’s landlord was foreclosed upon and Freedom Mortgage Corp. took over the deed for the building. Progress Illinois talked to the Shaw family about their struggles and what may be next for the family affected by the ongoing foreclosure crisis in Chicago.

Dart calls for halt to illegal evictions

[Sheriff] Dart has ordered CHIProperties to stop threatening its renters and to stop misrepresenting the law...  “There is a process.  [Legally,] People have 90 days.”

Chicago Vacant Buildings Ordinance: Foreclosure Fighters Take On Banks Over Decaying Properties

LSNA leader Daniel LaSpata is quoted in this substantive article about the foreclosure issue in Chicago and the recently passed Chicago Vacant Buildings Ordinance.

Foreclosure Help at your Doorstep

LSNA's foreclosure community organizers go door-to-door looking for homeowners facing foreclosure.

Chicago Foreclosures: Logan Square Neighborhood Association Helps Turn Mortgages Around

Chicago Foreclosures: Logan Square Neighborhood Association Helps Turn Mortgages Around

Salve su Hogar-Evite el Embargo
LSNA le puede ayudar a evitar el embaro hipotecario y conectarle con servicios de consejo de vivienda gratis .