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Will CPS reverse itself on Ames Middle School?

When the votes were counted, it wasn't even close. The locals whupped Maldonado, winning roughly 69 percent of the votes.

Ames Middle School Victory despite Marines at polling places

"Uniformed Marines have no business hanging around polling places during an election -- unless we're under martial law. Are we?

If not, back to the barracks. E Pluribus Unim."

Community supports Ames Middle School. Another Logan Square victory last night.

The results will be presented to the School Board on March 26 providing the officials “a great opportunity for them to go back and reflect on their vote in December,” said neighborhood activist Leticia Barrera.

Mayor Rahm loses in primary election!

"...three cheers for the activists in Logan Square who won big in the referendum over Mayor Emanuel's plans to turn Ames into a marine academy.

Almost 69 percent of the voters preferred to keep it a community school. Let's see if Mayor Emanuel backs down."

Ames Middle School Should Not be a Military Academy, Voters Say

About two out of three voters in the eight precincts surrounding Ames voted Tuesday in an advisory referendum to keep Ames a neighborhood school and not to convert it to a military academy.

Aurora program works to put parent helpers in the classroom

“If I could, I’d have a parent mentor in every classroom,” Garza said.

Parent Mentor Program Celebrates Statewide Expansion, Urges Legislators To Continue Funding (Video)

"Trained parents are now incorporated into more than 400 classrooms across Illinois. Training is provided by 13 grassroots organizations, including founding organizations like the Logan Square Neighborhood Organization and Southwest Organizing Project."

Parent Mentorship Program for Local Schools

LSNA/SWOP Parent Engagement Institute Parent Mentor Training in Moline.

LSNA Parent Mentor Program Expanding

A BIG welcome to Detroit and Denver!

Gaining hope then losing it: The developmental limbo faced by undocumented youth

Dayana Dominguez, 23, is undocumented and graduated from a school in South Side Chicago. In August, she went to Navy Pier to apply for a two-year work permit.

CPS tier system update changes chances of getting into selective school

Despite the tier changes in Logan Square, the regular schools in the neighborhood still have more than 95 percent low-income students, according to Nancy Aardema, executive director of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association.

“I can’t understand how you would look at a neighborhood with all these really low-income schools and say these students have to do better now because their parents are trying to make ends meet in a gentrifying neighborhood,” Aardema said. “Is that fair?”

Heading back to the classroom

"Angel Torres [LSNA Board Member] was offered a full-tuition scholarship to complete a master’s degree in math education at Northeastern Illinois University. He took it, and will spend another year learning instead of teaching."

Education Nation: Latino parents break down barriers in Chicago schools

The main goal for LSNA is to open the door for parents and make them welcome in their children’s school. Brown says she hopes the program “provides the opportunity for parents to do meaningful work, help the students, help the teacher, learn about the teachers and form relationships with them.”

Community Advocates See CTU Strike As Opportunity To Highlight National Education Issues

Jennifer Velazquez, an organizer with the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, says freedom camps will explain to CPS students “why teachers are striking.” 

Editorial: Roll back suspensions at Chicago Public Schools

Congratulations to LSNA youth leaders from Kelvyn Park High School who participated in the Voices of Youth in Chicago Education (VOYCE) campaign.

Logan Square Neighborhood Assoc to Launch Council to Prevent Closed-Door Decisions at the Board of Ed

LSNA is establishing the LSSFC in response to a recent Board of Education decision to remove students from Ames. Parents, teachers, and community members are concerned that enrollment at Ames will drop and are suspicious that the Board of Ed made the decision to make way for a closing or co-location.

Northeastern Illinois University to Receive AACTE Award for Support of Global Diversity

This award notes in particular the success of the Grow Your Own Teachers program in "develop[ing] competent, dedicated and culturally aware teachers who are committed to making a difference in their neighborhood schools.”

Community Groups Offer Plan to Counter School Closings: Invest in schools instead of shutting them down, groups say.

Cristina Torres, LSNA Parent Leader, presents the "Neighborhoods Agenda for Schools."

How a neighborhood organization is bringing parents and schools together so the whole community benefits.

Padres exigen por la educaciĆ³n from Univision Chicago

Parents from Mozart School met to discuss the state budget's effects on Education

Se organizan por sus hijos from HOY Newspaper

Los niños no pueden quedarse sin maestros, clases o concilios escolares (LSC) según padres de familia de varias escuelas del noroeste de la ciudad que llevarán ese mensaje a legisladores estatales en las próximas semanas.