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News items related to Darwin Elementary

Protesters Demand CPS, Mayor Halt Cuts, Ask 'Rich to Pay Their Fair Share'

“Our school budgets are getting chopped at the same time families are struggling to stay in their community," said Jennifer Velazquez, a Kelvyn Park High School graduate and local school council member. "The working class is being targeted.”

Parent Mentor Program Graduates Record Number Of Classroom Tutors

Largest-ever graduating class in the history of the Parent Mentor Program.

Thank you Parent Mentors. 2014 Graduation Video.

Thank you parent mentors for a job well done.  Congratulations on your Graduation.  See you next year!!

Dos Directoras Locales se Jubilan
Este verano, les deseamos una jubilación feliz a dos amigas de por mucho tiempo y asociadas de LSNA — la Directora Graciela Shelley de la Escuela Primaria Darwin y Dra. Sandra Fontánez-Phelan de la…