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News items related to Daniel LaSpata

M. Fishman Interested in Buying Logan Square's Milshire Hotel?

Daniel Laspata, co-chairman of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association's Housing and Land Use Committee, said the closing of the Milshire as an SRO and rising rents in Logan Square present a particular problem for the Milshire tenants.

Ordinance Aims To “Keep Chicago Renting"

“We have been able to do a lot of outreach to homeowners and renters in Logan Square,” said Daniel La Spata, co-chair on housing and land use for LSNA. “In Logan Square a majority of the buildings under foreclosure are multi-unit buildings, so we have been able to do a lot of work with those tenants.”

Chicago Vacant Buildings Ordinance: Foreclosure Fighters Take On Banks Over Decaying Properties

LSNA leader Daniel LaSpata is quoted in this substantive article about the foreclosure issue in Chicago and the recently passed Chicago Vacant Buildings Ordinance.