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Maldonado Won't Back Down From Plan to Move Military School Into Ames

"I'm really surprised that Maldonado is doing this again because Ames is at the best place it's been in 10 years," said Koutny.

Ames Middle School belongs to the Community. But Ald. Maldonado wants to give it to Marine Military HS.

Alderman Maldonado is going to the CPS Board Meeting next Wednesday to ask that Marine Military be put into Ames in September!

La Escuela Ames Intermedia pertenece a la Comunidad! Pero el Alderman Maldonado otra vez está tratando de imponer la escuela Secundaria Marina Militar en el edificio de la escuela Ames.

Este Miércoles Julio 24, 2013 el alderman Maldonado va a pedir a CPS que pongan la escuela Militar en Ames al comienzo de este año escolar.

Llama a CPS ahora y diles que pongan un alto al Alderman Maldonado!

CPS plan could put military school, middle school in close quarters

“What one value is necessary to create a harmonious society?” Mr. Ramirez [7th Grade Teacher, Ames] asks. “What one value, Enrique?”

“Creating community,” Enrique Davila says.

Neighbors Oppose Military Academy

A Logan Square Neighborhood Association survey found that a vast majority of residents did not want a military school and preferred to keep a neighborhood school.

Logan Square needs a military school? Says who?

Ames is a successful school by any measure and it has active parent engagement ... Who asked for this?

It seems it was the brain-child of the Alderman and nobody else.

Keep Ames a Community School - SIGN and SHARE the Petition

Hands off this thriving community school!  Please sign the online petition or write a letter.

Labor Beat: Ames School Community Says No Military!

Leticia Barrera and Tamera Gardner address a meeting of parents and community at Ames Middle School on November 1, 2012.

Plan para la escuela Ames permanece en el limbo

Un plan propuesto para mudar a una academia militar dentro del edificio de la escuela Ames Middle School no tiene contentos a algunos residentes de la comunidad.

Video Testimony of Ames Parent Mentor Tamera Gardner at Community Forum on the Future of Ames.

Video Testomony of Ames Parent Mentor Tamera Gardner to packed Community Forum on the Future of Ames.

Alderman Maldonado wants Military Academy at Ames

Parents and Community ask "Where is the Community Process?"

Ames Middle School Parents to Alderman Maldonado: No Marine Academy Closed-Door Deal at Our Neighborhood School!

"View youtube video testimony of Parent Tamera Gardner at meeting on Thursday, 11/01/12 at Ames Middle School.  

"[Alderman Maldonado] has not talked to parents.  He has not talked to the Community.  He has not sat down to talk with the Logan Square School Facilities Council.  

Where is the community process?

[Alderman Manldonado] is not the dictator of our community school!"

Logan Square Neighborhood Assoc to Launch Council to Prevent Closed-Door Decisions at the Board of Ed

LSNA is establishing the LSSFC in response to a recent Board of Education decision to remove students from Ames. Parents, teachers, and community members are concerned that enrollment at Ames will drop and are suspicious that the Board of Ed made the decision to make way for a closing or co-location.

Regional Roundup: Chicago Partnerships "Connect Dots" to Improve College Access

While applauding the pilot program, Maria Trejo, Elev8 director for Ames Middle School, said that the bigger barrier for some students and parents is overcoming their initial reaction of “Whoa….what is FAFSA?”

Summer institutes get teachers into neighborhoods

Chicago Public Schools organized three week-long teacher immersion institutes over the summer to help teachers connect with the communities where they teach.  Logan Square teachers were paired with students from Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA) for a neighborhood bus tour. “We think the immersion institute is a needed activity,” [Joanna] Brown says. “Teachers need to know the communities in which they teach -- know and respect the people, the culture, and the day-to-day experiences."

Ames Parent Mentors ‘Enhancement to Everything’

Gloria Bellido had never served as a school volunteer before, nor had she thought of herself as a leader. But within four months of the day her daughter enrolled at Ames Middle School in Logan Square, that all changed.

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