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Ames Military School Opposition to be a Focus of Neighborhood Congress

“It’s another way to keep politicians on their feet and tell them we have power and we can do a lot — especially when we have the support of the community,” said Jennifer Valasquez, 19, a youth organizer with the association and former Kelvyn Park High School student.

LSNA Celebrates a Half-Century of Achievement

"Beginning with almost no political clout and even fewer tools – save their combined voices and ability to organize – the Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA) went on to become one of Chicago’s, and America’s, most accomplished community development organizations."

Building Community, Building LSNA: 49th Annual LSNA Congress -Register NOW!

For 49 years, LSNA has convened institutions in our community to act collectively on issues that make Logan Square a great place to live and work, learn and grow. As we enter our 50th year, LSNA, its member institutions and its leaders will work together to ensure that we celebrate our success by strengthening the organization, ensuring that our work around affordable housing and land use, health and open spaces, education, youth, safety, and immigration continues for another 50 years!

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