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Lawsuit targets Berrios over biased residential assessments in Cook County
Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios appears before the county board to answer questions raised by a Tribune investigation of property tax rates on July 18, 2017. (Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune)
Youth Rally Blocks The 606 To Keep Anti-Gentrification Ordinance On Track
"Logan Square has always been my home. I went to grade school in Logan Square and all my memories are in Logan Square. I've seen Latinx people leave, and luxury developments pop up, and I've started…
Residentes de zonas aledañas al sendero 606 se manifiestan para que protejan viviendas asequibles
"Concejales de Chicago presentarán una ordenanza, con el fin de apoyar a la comunidad, que impondría una cuota a los desarrolladores que planean demoler edificios."
Parents Pressure Mayor to Keep Schools Open with TIF Funds
“CPS parents know that closing the schools on June 1st will result in more violence and less support for their children’s education. This is unacceptable in the face of hundreds of…
Fed Up With Gentrification, Latino Teens In Logan Fight Back With Festival
"We're not going to allow developers or Realtors tell [our] stories for us"

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