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Noticias from past 90 days

City Council Approves 6-Month Moratorium On Demolition Permits Near The 606 Trail

“Our rent went from the hundreds to the thousands, and there’s no way my parents could afford that, so we had to move out..”

Development Freeze Aims to Slow Displacement Near 606 Trail

“When you go from two, three families in one building, on one lot, to one family, our schools see under-enrollment, and as result they experience cuts, and our commercial corridors find it difficult to have the local clientele necessary to thrive,” Ramirez-Rosa said..."

Residents along 606 Trail worry they'll be displaced by surging home prices in Logan Square, Humboldt Park

"We all grew up together, we all grew up in the same neighborhoods. And it's like all of a sudden, just because this new item has come into the neighborhood, it's like we suddenly have to move and get kicked out of our houses. It is not like we want to, but we are literally being kicked out because we can't afford the rent.."