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Noticias from past 90 days

Trolley Tour Highlights Chicago’s Housing Woes On The Northwest Side

Affordable housing advocates from LUCHA, Spanish Coalition for Housing, Center for Changing Lives, Northwest Side Housing Center, Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation and Logan Square Neighborhood Association organized the Tuesday trolley trip.

Organizers wanted to...

As Logan Square & Humboldt Park Property Taxes Skyrocket, Both Longtime And New Residents Consider Moving

"We lost our neighborhood school, the streets are riddled with potholes and there's gunshots. What are we paying for?" one resident said.

‘A stranger in my own community’: Mixed feelings as young Latinos move back to gentrifying Chicago neighborhoods

“We have to ask ourselves when we are getting public amenities in our community, who is going to benefit and who is going to be burdened,” Christian Diaz, the lead housing organizer at the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, said....

LSNA Welcomes New Round of Parent Mentors

"Hundreds of new parents graduated on Thursday, June 6th from the Logan Square Neighborhood Association Parent Teacher Mentor Program at Carl Schurz High School. “After demonstrating the dedication and love that the parent mentors put into helping each student..."

Parent mentors celebrate graduation, program expansion: ‘Each day I know I accomplish something’

“I always wanted to do something that just made me proud, I wanted to leave at the end of the day knowing that I accomplished something, Each day being a parent mentor I know I’m accomplishing something, because I see it in the smiles of my students and my co-workers.”

57 Years at LSNA

Thank you to all who joined us at our 57th Annual Congress on May 21, 2019! It was wonderful to celebrate our accomplishments from the past year and look forward to a better future!