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Labor Beat: Ames School Community Says No Military!

87% of the Ames Middle School community said "NO" to changing the school to a military academy in a recent scientific poll. This was one of the things that came out of the packed community meeting on the future of the Chicago middle school that took place on Nov. 1, 2012. Another memorable item from the meeting was a cell phone call made by Christina Torres, Parent Leader of Logan Square Neighborhood Association. On behalf of everyone present who was listening in, she was trying to reach the elusive Alderman of Chicago's 26th Ward, Roberto Maldonado. The military school idea is pretty much his baby. Along with targeting Maldonado, the Ames community is trying to get Chicago Public Schools to disown the project. (Any guesses on which way the unelected CPS will go?). Includes interview with Ames School Parent/Mentor Tamara Gardiner, one of the leaders of the community campaign. Length - 7:57

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