Residents along 606 Trail worry they'll be displaced by surging home prices in Logan Square, Humboldt Park

 CHICAGO (WLS) -- Some residents living along Chicago's popular 606 Trail are concerned they will be displaced by surging home prices. Mayor Lori Lightfoot stopped a proposed ordinance to halt skyrocketing prices along the trail because of legal concerns.

The 606, a former freight right of way, has transformed the Humboldt Park and Logan Square neighborhoods. It has also brought gentrification, and for the people who have called these neighborhoods home for many years, that is a real problem.

Gary Jimenez Rodriguez, a 19-year-old accounting student at UIC, said his family and neighbors were summarily booted from their rental homes in eastern Humboldt Park soon after the 606 Trail came into being in 2015 when they couldn't afford a $500 a month rental increase...

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