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2d Annual Immigrant Integration Summit

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2nd Annual Illinois Immigrant Integration Summit

  • An Annual Immigrant Integration Conference and Statewide Forum

    Malcolm X College *1900 W Van Buren Street * Chicago, Illinois
    Opening Session: 9:00-9:30AM (please arrive at 8:45am)
    Workshops: 9:40AM-11:45AM
    Closing Session: 12:00PM-1:00PM
    On February 4th, we will hold our 2nd Annual Immigrant Integration Summit.   Last year, we were proud to welcome Governor Pat Quinn and more than a dozen local elected officials to help us celebrate ICIRR’s 50,000th new naturalized citizen and to announce our One Nation, One Dream platform.
    This year, we will use the Summit to:
  • Launch our Uniting America civic engagement program; a partnership between ICIRR, the State of Illinois, and Americorps to unite native-born citizens with immigrant communities through volunteerism
  • Public ratification about our 2012 Policy Platform
  • Hold policy  Educational workshops on issues ranging: (Media availability at Citizenship Workshop @ 11:30am)*UNITING AMERICA THROUGH VOLUNTEERISM, * BECOME A U.S. CITIZEN WORKSHOP,  * STOPPING DEPORTATION/FAMILY UNITY WAIVER-KEEP YOUR FAMILY TOGETHER, *  EDUCATION, HEALTHCARE, * GET-OUT-THE-VOTE 2012.



2d Annual Immigrant Integration Summit

1900 W. Van Buren
Chicago, IL

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