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Parent Mentor Program





The goal of the Parent Mentor Program is to build leaders in the home, the school and the community. This transformation occurs through the course of the program as parents start with a 15 hour training. The training focuses on relationship-building, leadership identification and development, support, creating safe and nurturing school communities and an introduction to basic duties and responsibilities within the school.

After the training, parents are placed in a classroom to work alongside a teacher with students either individually or in small groups. They spend two hours per day for four days in the classroom during the course of a semester and the fifth day is set aside for continuing skills development and space for reflection and support.

Parent Mentors will work in the classroom for a minimum of 100 hours over the course of a semester and upon completion of these hours, will receive a stipend. The stipend helps professionalize the program and helps build soft work skills like timeliness, consistency and accountability.

Many community organizations and/or schools will build other components into the program, like helping out in parent patrol during student drop off and pick up or organizing family reading, math and science nights throughout the school year.