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GYO Lanza un Nuevo Grupo: Maestras Sin Fronteras

In January, 30 parents and community leaders joined the Logan Square GYO cohort–now called Maestros Sin Fronteras, or Teachers Without Borders–and began taking the required developmental classes. After a successful first semester, these dedicated GYO candidates continued onward with an intensive summer courseload. Classes are held at McAuliffe Elementary School and at the Logan Square Public Library.

We are now recruiting for an additional wave of 20 students to begin in the Fall. Our recruitment is based on the relationships LSNA has built with the teachers, administrators, staff and parents of 10 schools in Logan Square. Our education programs, such as the Parent Mentor Program, the Parent Tutor Program, and the School Community Learning Centers, enable us to recruit from a network of people with a proven commitment to our community schools. In addition, community members involved with LSNA are familiar with the Nueva Generación program–an LSNA pilot project on teacher training that began six years ago–and therefore understand the basic principles of the GYO program.

We gauge commitment level and begin to build a relationship through one-on-one meetings with all prospective applicants. LSNA also collects application materials, advises prospective applicants on matters such as international transcript evaluation, and works with Chicago State University to set up the placement tests.

This summer we are starting to connect members of Nueva Generación and Maestros Sin Fronteras. Members of the Nueva Generación cohort are in their sixth year of study, and will enter the classroom very soon. After six years of struggle and achievement, the Nueva Generación students are well-equipped to tutor and mentor the new students. The long path ahead seems much more accessible with these wonderful role models. Eight Nueva Generación students went through tutor training, and this summer they are tutoring the new cohort around the clock, both in and out of class. The two cohorts began mixing together at a dinner on May 23, which we hope will be the first of many such gatherings.

The partnership between Chicago State University, LSNA, and our community schools in Logan Square continues to work effectively and enjoyably. We are all looking forward to learning more about how different cohorts can learn from each other.  For more information, contact Bridget Murphy at LSNA (773) 384-4370 x 41.