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Congratulations to the ten finalists of the 2009 LSNA Alcohol Prevention Poster Contest

We wish to congratulate the ten finalists of the 2009 LSNA Alcohol Awareness Poster Contest.  We received 231 entries. These ten finalists each received a certificate of achievement presented to them by Cook County State Attorney Anita Alvarezand a $50 cash prize from our Sponsors Community Savings Bank and Liberty Bank for Savings. All the youth were very creative in their message campaign in getting the word out to increase awareness of the use of alcohol by youth and therefore to decrease its use. The theme is “Say No To Alcohol, Alcohol Is A Drug”.  

Ana Luz Alanis – 13yrs,  Josephinum Academy 
Alex Avelar – 13yrs.  Ames Middle School 
Anthony Curiel – 15yrs.  Pritzker College Prep 
Denise Esquivel – 14yrs.  Pritzker College Prep 
Evelia Pedroza – 12yrs.   James Monroe Elementary 
Genesis Romo – 11yrs.  James Monroe Elementary 
Janessa Garcia – 12yrs.  Carlos Fuentes School 
Karen Rodriguez – 10yrs.  James Monroe Elementary 
Sharina Reyna – 16yrs.  Pritzker College Prep 
Victor Galeana – 14yrs.  Ames Middle School

Evelia Pedroza, 13 years old

Ana Alanis, 13 years old

Karen Rodriguez, 9 years old

Anthony Curiel, 15 years old

Alexandria Avelar, 13 years old

Denise Esquivel, 14 years old

Victor Galeana, 14 years old

Genesis Romo, 11 years old

Janessa Garcia, 12 years old

 Sharina Reyna, 16 years old