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Quality of Life Planning - West Logan Square/Hermosa 2017


 Five committees were formed in September 2017.  They are:  Economic Development & Wellness, Education, Health & Community Spaces, Housing, and Immigration.  The committees got to work defining the vision for their work around that issue, identifying local factors that influence that issue, looking at data to determine potential strategies and beginning to craft strategies to address the issues they identified.  

Each committee had the opportunity to submit an idea for a design charrette and for early action projects.  Four ideas were submitted and two were selected -- the Armitage Avenue Welcoming Corridor between Pulaski and Tripp and the Hermosa Here to Stay Affordable Homeownership Model.  Seven project ideas were submitted for early action projects from four different committees.  Stay tuned to learn which early action projects were selected!


SAVE THE DATE:  Tuesday, May 15th at 6 pm:  Location TBD

We will have the LSNA Annual Congress and Community Meeting to Introduce the Quality of Life Plan.  You will have a chance to learn about and give feedback on the strategies developed by committee memberse and find out ways to get involved (or remain involved!)  

Join us for our next meeting on Thursday, Sept 28 from 6:30 – 8:00 at Nixon Elementary School, 2121 N. Keeler.  We will give an overview of our community planning process to date and divide into committees based on interest.  These committees will meet approximately monthly (dates and frequencies decided at first meeting) to identify priorities and build support for projects and plans in the areas of: housing, eco

nomic development, education, immigration, and health and community spaces. 


Twelve years ago, LSNA released our first Quality of Life Plan. We have accomplished many of the goals in that plan, despite rapid gentrification and the Great Recession. In 2016 LSNA was invited by the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) to facilitate the development of another community-driven Quality of Life Plan.  We welcome the opportunity to convene many of the same stakeholders, add new stakeholders, reflect on our strengths and weaknesses and plan for the future – especially as gentrification pressures grow in the historically more protected western part of our community.

 LSNA plans to engage residents and organizations in the western half of Logan Square and part of Hermosa – specifically between Kedzie (3200 W) and Kenton (4600 W), from Bloomingdale (1800 N) to George (2900 N). In this area, the renovation of the Healy Metra station at Pulaski and Fullerton and the redevelopment of the massive Macy’s properties at Pulaski and Diversey will spur new investment, but also prompt gentrification and put new pressures on industrial areas. The southern end of this area has also seen housing prices and speculation increase dramatically since the opening of the 606.  We need a comprehensive, community plan to address these opportunities and threats.

Process to date:

LSNA convened a big community meeting in May of 2017 entitled: “Understanding our Past: Shaping our Future.” Approximately 300 residents from the planning area attended and met in small groups to discuss changes through the decades at the community, city, even national level.  They then brainstormed: “What do we want for the next five years?”  These responses were compiled and over a series of subsequent meetings over the summer, were added to and categorized.  The broad themes that emerged were: activism, housing, economic development, education, immigration, health and security and community spaces.  For a list of the topics grouped together under each of these general headings, click HERE.

Over the next six-eight months, starting on Sept. 28th, committee members will work together to flesh out these general topics, develop an overarching vision, make priorities based on importance, capacity, resources available and begin to identify other stakeholders, decision-makers and allies who can help bring the vision to reality.  The topics have been consolidated and re-shaped slightly to form the following five committees:  Economic Development, Education, Health & Community Spaces, Housing and Immigration.  These committees will meet approximately monthly (dates and frequencies decided at first meeting) to identify priorities and build support for projects and plans.  People are welcome to serve on more than one committee as their time and interest permits, but please be mindful that the process will be more rewarding if you are able to attend all or most of the meetings. 

Each committee will select two representatives to attend a quarterly steering committee that will share ideas and make sure each area of the plan is in harmony and not working at cross purposes.  The representatives can be the committee co-chairs but do not have to be. 

Check back here for notes and highlights from the planning process as they will be updated regularly.  For now, general questions about the plan and process can be directed to Susan Yanun, planning facilitator, at